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Privacy Policy For understands how important it is for you to keep your personal information safe that you share with us. Thank you for your confidence and respect for our privacy policies. Following this policy, we handle user information that we gather on the website Current and previous site visitors, as well as our online clients, are covered by our policy on privacy. By using our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

The data we gather

Information on how to get in touch with the n

Personal information such as your name, email address, phone number and address may be obtained from you when you use our services.

Posting of data

If you publish anything on our website or a third-party social networking site that belongs to DISNEYPLUS.COMBEGIN.ORG, we may have access to that information.

Data on the population

We gather information on your hobbies, the activities you attend, and the significance of landmarks in your area.

Additional Details

We keep track of how much time you spend on our website and other websites. Cookie preferences and your browser’s IP address. Additionally, we keep track of the sites you visit and the kinds of information you seek. We may also keep track of the mobile device or computer or device version you’re using.

We gather information in many ways.

When you subscribe to our website, leave a comment on one of our articles, or contact us by phone or mail, we gather your personal information directly from you.

We utilise tracking and Google Analytics to passively gather information about you.

As soon as you click on any link available on our website, we get information about you from third parties. It’s possible to get certain information from third-party social media, including your email address and other contact information.

What do we do with the personal information you share with us?

We will use the information to communicate with you:

For example, we might use your information to reach you and take your comments or feedback about our website, services and your experience with us.

  • To reply to any of your questions, concerns or enquiries

Once you signup for our newsletter, then we may use that information to verify your identity and for future updates.

  • To better serve our customers, we put the data to good use.

To tailor your experience with our website or services we may use your personal information. This includes presenting you with material tailored to your tastes.

  • Look at site trends and consumer interests using this data.

To improve our website, we may utilise your personal information. The information we gather about you, both directly from you and indirectly from other parties, helps us tailor the content you see on our site.

  • We utilise the data to keep things safe.

The information provided by us might be used to keep our website safe.

  • To advertise our products and services.

Occasionally, you might receive information about various events, deals and other things related to our services. We will also notify you about our future updates and upgrades. Some of these may be from us, while others may be from third parties that we think may be of interest to you. We may also sign you up for our e-mail list.

  • Transactional messages are sent to you using the information you provide.

We may send you emails or text messages regarding the material we publish or the courses we provide or those of our third-party promoters, as well as information about our products and services. We only use the information in ways that the law permits.

  • Third-party information sharing

Third parties that provide services on our behalf will have access to our information.

Vendors that assist us in maintaining our website, newsletter, and other official connections have access to the information we provide them with. In some cases, there are the possibilities of outside of country sellers.

  • The event organisers will have access to our information.

When we work with third parties on a programme or campaign, we provide them access to the information you give us. Their privacy policy dictates how they handle the data.

Sharing information with our business partners is something we intend to do.

In addition, a third party or sales promoter or venue provider might be included. The usage of data is connected in the accordance with their privacy policy. According to the terms of the information act., we can exchange the information if required.

In circumstances when a court or jurisdiction requires it, it is obligatory to provide the requested information.

If a government agency or other investigative body requires it, we will do so. In case of any investigation related to fraud, we may provide the user information to the government agencies.

Our customer list may be part of the deal if a portion of our company is sold. For reasons that aren’t covered in this policy, we may disclose your information. Before we do this, we’ll let you know.

Opt-Out of Email

There is a way for you to opt-out of getting our promotional emails and material. Please send an email to [email protected] .in if you’d want to stop receiving our promotional communications. Your request may be processed in a few days. In case you do not choose to receive marketing messages then we will send you the transactional information about the newsletter.

There are several third-party websites.

We provide third party links for the convenience of your users, but keep in mind and always be careful because we have no control over those websites. The privacy practices of such websites are not covered by this policy. Before using the third-party websites we suggest you carefully review their privacy policies as we are not responsible for their content. Third-party websites that you visit are not under our control.

Revisions to this rule

The recent version of our privacy policy was made on 06/05/2021. As the law dictates, we may from time to time alter our privacy policies. We will notify you in case we have any updates in the privacy policy. In addition, we’ll make a new version available on our website.


If you decide to access the website, your visit and any disagreement over privacy will be governed by this policy and the terms of service for the website.

In addition to the above, the laws of India will govern any problems emerging under this Policy.